Thursday, October 27, 2016

Put Your Name On It


You can't be afraid to put your name on your work. Take pride in what you do. Teach students to do the same. Don't take off points for “No Name”. Have you ever thought that maybe it is not forgetfulness? Maybe it is lack of connection and boredom. Maybe  their assignments mean nothing to them. Create assignments that are meaningful and ones that students will take pride in doing. They will want to put their name on it because they are proud of what they have created. Take a moment before your next assignment and think… this worthy of someone's name?
1539041564-quote-George-Foreman-put-your-name-on-something-it-better-86023.pngBecause that name special. It was deliberated on and thought about by their parents, a symbol of who they are, and something they carry great pride in. Discuss with your students the importance of owning their work. Too many are afraid of failure and feel that if they attach their name to something and it fails they will look bad. I would rather be associated with effort than nothing at all. So,  take pride in what you do. Put your name on it and share it for all to see your masterpieces. Think of all the major brands that are in the world today. We know many of them based on their logo...their name. They take great pride in their work and they created a logo that acts as their signature to tell the world who they are. As a society we buy based on quality and we buy because the logo equates to quality.

Teachers, we need to lead by example. Step up! Own our work, our craftsmanship, and own our moments of impact. As a profession we need to be putting ourselves out their as game changers. So, what will be the next thing you put your name on?