Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why I Drive.....

This post has nothing to do with education....or does it? More about personal betterment and the purpose of your DRIVE. I had no intentions of getting up this morning and working out. If anything, I actually thought Saturday would be a great morning to sleep in. After all, I was given a mission today from the wifey to hit up Sam's club by 7am for some special Christmas deals. Typically, a very low item on my list to do but turned out it was a worthwhile trip. I was tired from the week and my body was ready for bed early Friday night. I crashed without setting my alarm. I woke up at 3:15 am and couldn't fall back asleep. The only thought I had was get up and head to the gym. What gym is opened that early you ask? The Midwest Mecca.....Old School Gym (OSG). This is not your run of the mill typical box gym.

I've been looking for a gym that could meet my needs of pushing past my comfort zone. As a family we attend the Y and it is great for maintaining but lacks an environment of GRIT. Lacks a schedule that fits the need of my family's crazy schedule. OSG is a place of serious business and it's a 30 minute drive from my house. So, why do I drive? Why do I drive to a gym that is on the opposite side of town? Why do I drive to a gym that feels like you may just need a tetanus shot when you live? Why....because it breeds success! It's simple really, OSG  pushes me completely outside my comfort zone. There I am inexperienced. There I am the old guy trying to learn from young men that understand what it takes to grind it out and physically push the limits. The first step in leadership is learning how to follow. I learned how to do this years ago but I have never taken this approach with my physical health. Yes, I could hire a trainer but I am not willing to pay per session what I pay a month at OSG. After all, I shouldn't have to pay someone to kick my butt. Instead ,I will surround myself with guys that do this everyday. The crew at OSG gets started at 4am every day. The means I need to leave my house around 3:30am if I want to roll with them. I've only been making the drive about 3-4 times a week over the last 3 weeks. It can be a miserable and lonely drive at that hour! However, I have found that just in this short amount of time I have become stronger both physically and mentally. Sure, I could sit here and throw out numbers about how much more I am already lifting than I was a few months ago. But, a few months ago I was training for obstacle course races and a half marathon. That in itself is completely different. Strength training takes a whole different mindset. My drive there and back is a time for self improvement. It's my time to reflect or get in a devotion. Sure, I could listen to some 90's gangsta rap to get me in the mood but I find that listening to audio books and podcasts tend to suit me best. If I follow Darren Hardy's  the Compound Effect....50 minutes of audio learning each trip gives me roughly 11 hours of learning a month. Not a bad way to start the day and become better than yesterday.

Why Drive? Because it's not about the goal. It's not about a certain number I want to hit. It's all about becoming better. As Robbins states... it's all about becoming the person that can accomplish the goal. In the process of getting better I find myself failing. Just last week I attempted lifts that I had never done before. Multiple times I found myself stuck under the bar. The weight bearing down on me and reminding me I'm not there YET. That is part of the process. Pushing my limits to failure and trusting that the guys at OSG will help get the weight off of me. The cool part is that typically after a failed lift comes an immediate time of reflection. Someone will tell me how my form looked and how I could make it better. I listen before speaking. I identify ways to adjust and shift my mindset from failure to application.   

Your body will quit every time you give it permission to! The trick is to learn to speak to yourself in such a way that you will not quit. In such a way that ignores the pain and the fear. Embracing this type of mindset early in the morning sets the tone for the rest of my day. It also helps alleviate stress. As my man Coyte Cooper  likes to say......

I leave you with one final thought about the DRIVE. What drives me is personal. It doesn't matter what you think about it or how it makes you feel. It's my DRIVE. I recently read Chase the Lion book and devotion. I pasted the Manifesto that Mark Batterson penned in his book. This has truly helped shape my outlook on life for myself and for how I want to lead my family. I am typically a very reactive person. One that believes we live in the moments and not worry about our futures because it robs of joy today. This has given me a different perspective on where I am and where I need to go. I hope you read it and find your DRIVE! It may seem awkward at best. Batterson believes that breakthroughs happen as a result of awkwardness. We should always CRAVE....CREATE....CULTIVATE awkwardness. Lord knows I do at 3:30am. 

I  would love for you to share your thoughts and tell me what DRIVES you. Leave a comment and let's chase the life we want!