Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Still Growing: Growth Mindset 2.0

I believe one of the key ways to harness a growth mindset is to practice reflection. This blog is simply that, a reflection of moments in which I felt myself growing and learning how to deal with adversity. It was a day of professional development with Hilliard City Schools. This is not your typical professional development. What this is, is a personalized way that individual educators, administrators, classified, non-classified, staff we're all able to come together and learn. We heard from some amazing speakers and we get to participate in numerous sessions. Let's not leave out one of the most important details....we had food trucks on site for lunch. That's right we had food trucks on site. What's your professional development look like at your school? Our keynote speaker was Tim Kight, he is with Focus 3, a leadership consulting firm.
Their most well-known clients are The Ohio State Buckeyes. I think that is a pretty good reliable reference.  Let's talk about three major takeaways from Kight's session:

1. E+R=O (event plus response equals outcome)-Through our actions we cannot control the events in our lives and we cannot completely control the outcomes.  However, we have influence on the outcomes through our responses. How we respond is the R-factor. It determines the outcome.

2. Stepping up-Taking ownership of what you do. We must realize that life changes repeatedly. We are constantly challenged in our life and these challenges will push us outside of our comfort zone. As we encounter these events we must ask ourselves one question.....what does this moment require of me? That's a huge question because if you think about all the moments you have in your life every one of them requires some type of action from you and the best thing we can do, as Tim stated, "is WIN the moment."

3.Discipline- We have a negative image in our head about it. Kight explained that discipline truly means to learn and so we should not think of this as something negative anymore but we should be embracing discipline. Embracing the discomfort.  Discipline should simply be what drives our daily routine. The reason we need to develop these daily routines is because that will help us to respond in an event. We must train up for every event. Think of Navy Seals, how they train for everything. They don't just train for one event. They train for everything that can happen. They are physically and mentally ready to take it on. I guess in our day-to-day life the question is are we truly training for everything? Are we ready for every challenge that will come our way? Are we ready to set ourselves up for adversity every day? We can not predict events that will happen in our lives but we have to be intentional about how we approach and prepare for these events. We must embrace all learning opportunities as moments of growth preparing us for the adversities of life. 

What does that look like in your life? At the ILC we are talking a lot about 20 square feet.  You own 20 square feet of your school/ of your district? How is it that you are preparing your students to own or leave there a footprint on their own 20 square feet?  Kight gave us a couple different things to think about in this STEP UP process. We need to STEP UP now, we need to STEP UP daily.  We need STEP UP to the predictable events and we need to step up to adversity. That is a huge task, stepping up to adversity. The aspect of discipline and that aspect of daily routine are things I have tried to establish in my personal life. My daily routine of morning devotion followed by working out was how I stepped up ever since my father passed away from a heart attack. I had to change. I had to make a conscious decision and push myself into the #UNCOMFORTABLE. The point is daily routines will drive your habits. Your habits will become your character.

Over the past few years I have worked hard on developing discipline. It's very hard to do for someone that gets hyper-focused on one task at a time. I find myself exceeding in some areas then falling behind in others. I knew I needed to find my core so I developed my DIET. Ask any athlete and they will tell you that the most important discipline to have is controlling your input.  I'm not talking about food restrictions here. I'm talking about the needed steps to be successful
daily and embracing a growth mindset.  It goes like this:

D-Be willing to make a DIFFERENCE in your life and others. We have to be agents of change. 

I-Go out and INSPIRE others - live your life in such a way that others feel motivated by your presence and your actions. Be contagious!

E- ENCOURAGE another mind, your peers, your students, your teammate, as a matter of fact anyone you come in contact with.  As I learned from Coach Mark Tremayne we get stronger with every stride. Every stride we take together. 

E- ENJOY life. Smile all the time, it's hard be negative when you smile, never take a moment for granted. Always Run the extreme race as if your life depended on it because this is the only chance you have to make it right so enjoy it!

T-TOUCH a heart. Demonstrate love with your life. Help the less fortunate. Build hope in your life by giving hope to others.  

Once we figure out our purpose and how to manage our mindset we need to share it with others. John Maxwell has an easy five-step process where he discusses how to reproduce leaders but I think it applies to how we can share our mindset and strategies with others. Checkout the image:

Time to STEP UP and make an impact! Let me know what you think and how you might implement these ideas in your life.